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The IT landscape has evolved into a highly fragmented ecosystem consisting of numerous cloud, SaaS, and mobile applications and services. These applications must find a means to create connectivity with on-premises systems and databases to ensure seamless connectivity throughout the new enterprise. Businesses need more than a simple systems integration tool for their enterprise connectivity needs, they need a complete integration solution to support their business ecosystem.

DEVNET offers comprehensive integration solutions tailored to fit the specific industry needs and use cases of businesses. DEVNET’s provides organizations integration solutions tailored to their specific needs, regardless of what industry they may be in or what their use case might be. As we glad to provide in DEVNET following System Integrator:

Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM)

Microsoft EPM Solution provides innovative capabilities for managing the entire portfolio of projects/ programs initiatives. This comprehensive solution offers a robust platform to organizations/departments for collaboration, communication & deliberation.

The complete Project Lifecycle, right from Idea / Proposal inception till closure could be planned, executed & monitored. All kind of project phases & stages with respective processes and governances could be mapped in EPM solution. Organizations can take rational and calculative decisions on Project Investments, Resource Capitalization, Cost Augmentation etc. With EPM solution in place, the geographically dispersed team could manage the project activities, updates and converge the information into a central repository.

Microsoft Sharepoint

MS SharePoint is a multipurpose development platform for building apps and solutions with changing scopes that address a varied range of requirements. You can build server-side farm solutions that extend core SharePoint competencies. MS SharePoint offers a new flexible development model—you can use it to create apps for SharePoint that take benefit of standard web technologies, such as JavaScript, OAuth, and OData. And MS SharePoint provides you with functionality to interrelate with SharePoint resources and a wide range of hosting choices. The new app for SharePoint development model gives you the ability to build apps that take benefit of SharePoint capabilities and that run in the cloud instead of on your SharePoint farm.

This elastic development model, along with the integration of standard web technologies, makes SharePoint development work more like other classes of web development that you may already be doing. DEVNET solutions developed applications are characterized into the following groups based on the tools used to create them, the programming models used to develop them, the methods by which they are wrapped and deployed, the methods by which they are marketed, and the devices on which they run.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is used by organizations to integrate and organize the data necessary for front office and back office operations. ERP software integrates organizations’ key operations, including the manufacturing, distribution, financial and human resources, into one software system.

When properly implemented, an ERP solution increases organizational efficiency, performance, and profitability. However, ERP implementations are challenging and often require an ERP consultant to manage the software selection, implementation, process management, and organizational change. A large enterprise software implementation is particularly difficult when multiple, global locations are involved. Strong project management is key to achieving an integrated enterprise.

Professional consultant & out-sourcing

DEVNET provides experienced and qualified professionals for specific project needs. These engagements can be short or long term depending upon project lifecycle, to increase the productivity and motivating your workforce, we believe in continuous people development. People should have the latest knowledge through high-quality professional training. Our competency development training programs cover various topics related to areas such as project management, quality and service management, tool training, performance, and many customized programs.